1 || Nice to meet you!
After you reach out, we’ll talk about your vision and make sure we’re a good fit. If we’re both comfortable and happy, we’ll begin!

2 || Inspiration & Ideas
I will send the first invoice (50%) and you will put together a Pinterest board full of inspirations and ideas. Fonts, colours, patterns, nothing is off limits. I’ll also send a¬†questionnaire¬†to gather information on your site and what you’d like to see.

3 || Building the foundation
After I’ve seen your board and payment has been received, it’s time for the designing. We’ll first decide on your colour scheme and main fonts, then I’ll draft mockups of the elements you’ve requested.

4 || Create & Revise
This is the back & forth stage. I’ll send ideas, you give me your thoughts, I make revisions, and we repeat! This stage can take anywhere from a couple days to a couple weeks – just depends on the amount of things being designed and any revisions.

5 || Testing it out
Once we’ve figured out the design, I’ll throw the whole thing up on a test site just to make sure everything works and looks perfect. If everything looks good, I’ll send an invoice for the remainder of the payment (50%).

6 || It’s finished!
Time to install! We’ll pick a date, you’ll send me your login info and I’ll install!