Do you work with WordPress?
Yes. I work with self-hosted WordPress sites as well as Blogger. Find more information on WordPress design here.

Will you need my login information?
Yes. You may change your password temporarily if you wish. Login information is removed once the installation has occurred. You may install the elements yourself, but please inform me before work begins.

Will you set up my blog?
The design cost includes installation of the design, not setting up your blog from scratch. You will need to have an account already set up and running. If you do need assistance with this, please let me know beforehand and I will add a setup fee to your final quote.

How long does the process take?
It can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months. It depends on the complexity of the design, the amount of revisions and the quickness of communication. Read more on my process here.

How much will I be charged for revisions?
During the design process, there is room for several rounds of revisions. I will inform you if you begin to request excess revisions during the design or after the install. Excess revisions will cost $50 an hour.

Do I need to be able to understand code?
No. I will customize and install the template and design elements for you.

What if something needs to be changed in the future?
Please contact me. I am open to minor revisions at an hourly rate.

Can you create and/or upload all my sidebar/pages/post content?
I am not responsible for writing or creating posts, pages, or sidebar widgets or any other content on your site. However, if you need help uploading images or widgets to your sidebar only, let me know beforehand and we will determine a fee.